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  • Product Name : GQC1200 Bag Inserter (Contrary Insert)

    This machine is suitable for packaging hardware, screws, etc.


    ModelGQC1200 Bag Inserter (Contrary Insert)
    Machine size (mm)
    L2650 x W1660 x H2000
    ( Spec. subject to change without prior notice. )
    Sealing size (mm)
    Carton size (mm)
    L500 x W350 x H400
    Working Height
    Packing capacity
    1 ~ 10 cartons/min
    3Φ 380V(Depend on customer's request.)
    1. Easy adjustment for various carton sizes.
    2. It can be connected with different peripheral equipments.
    3. Easy to operate and adjust.
    4. Applicable for diversity of products packaging.
    5. It can be connected to conveyors for automatically feed and output.
    6. Controlled by touch screen (HMI / MMI).